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The subtle art of verse-making or ‘poetry’ for a layman can never be taught or trained. There are no ‘trained’ poets as the human heart and to an extent the human mind, from where poetry basically emanates, can never be indoctrinated with passionate and pent-up feelings. They just flow and overflow naturally. The pristine poetry of young verse-maker Namrata Talukdar is a perfect personification of the above hypothesis. Her eclectic garland of 30 thought-provoking poems which is an outcome of her successful completion of the NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) challenge is beautifully nestled in Scribbled Overtone, which happens to be her second poetry collection. If one lets his or her heart and mind browse through her 30 poems in one go, the first thing that immediately strikes the reader is the variegated nature of all her poems. She has so beautifully, as well as successfully penned down her poems on a variety of topics. What is more heart-warming about her poems is that to write 30 poems for 30 consecutive days at a stretch is no mean achievement in itself, and when the topics each day vary from pessimism to patriotism, Tagore to romance, Diwali to nature, humour and God, and from rains to spirituality, one would be in awe of her range and command. This is sheer brilliance by Namrata Talukdar.

Scribbled overtone

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