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My journey through cancer


The book to urgently important, not only for cancer infferers, but also for general public to learn how to cope with dden unexpected and challenging events in life.


-Dr. Nipen Barkataki


It is not the lines that defined Srutimala, but rather her innate strength and courage to overcome it. This book is bound to inspire all those who go through the battles of survival while fighting against cancer.


-Dr. Neelakili Mahanta


Srutimala's book recording her valiant journey facing this otherwise wary disease will definitely be a source of inspiration for patients with cancer and their loved ones. It will point them towards the direction of positive optimism and courage to overcome their fears.


-Dr. Rashmi Rekha Bora


Srutimala's book is a beautiful diary of her brave battle with the deadly disease, Cancer. I am sure it will prove to be a source of courage for every other person who will ever travel this path


-Dr. Madhumita Priyadarshini Das


"Srutimala's documentary of overcoming pain with her own will power an self immunity to heal with pranic healing (taught by Master Choa Kok Sa will help so many more to overcome their pain and stress."


-Vivek Agarwal, Associate Certified Pranic Healer


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My journey through cancer

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